Egg Donation Estimated Costs

At CSED, we understand that Egg Donation can be an expensive process. We have designed our fee structure to be as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Of course, every situation is different and the overall costs will vary depending on whether you live in the U.S or are international, whether you need the services of a gestational carrier or sperm donor, which IVF Clinic you choose to work with, etc.

We will take the time during the initial consult to review the fees and estimated expenses so that there are no surprises during the process.


Egg Donation Fees
Additional Expenses for Out of Area Donors

Please note that the above is only an estimate and overall costs can vary. The above estimates do not include the medical costs charged by your IVF clinic.

Timing of Payments

Once you have selected a donor and she has committed to working with you, we will email you a donor match confirmation packet. That packet will include an invoice outlining the fees and expenses for your match. You will be required to sign the Egg Donation Service Agreement. You also will be referred to the law firm of Nichols, DeLisle & Lightholder, P.C. to represent you in the egg donor contract between you and your donor. In order to secure your match, you will need to:

  • Sign and return the Egg Donation Service Agreement
  • Sign and return the Agreement for Legal Services
  • Pay the Agency Fee, Legal Fees for Intended Parents and Trust Account Administration Fee
  • Provide an Initial Trust Account Deposit of $1,500

(The initial deposit will be used to pay the donor’s attorney fee of $500 and to cover any expenses incurred by the donor prior to the trust account being fully funded. The $1,500 will be applied toward the total amount that will be needed to cover the donor’s fee and expenses.)

Within a few weeks after we receive your paperwork and payment, you will receive the first draft of the Egg Donor Agreement. You will be asked to fund the remainder of the trust account to cover the donor’s fee and expenses when you return the signed Egg Donor Agreement. Your donor cycle will not begin until all of the paperwork is received and the trust account has been fully funded.

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