The legal aspects of surrogacy can be complicated. For this reason, we have partnered with Nichols, DeLisle & Lightholder, P.C., a leading reproductive law firm. Nichols, DeLisle & Lightholder, P.C. will review the legal issues that may be presented by any surrogate you are considering. CSED believes that careful consideration of all of the legal issues is essential prior to any surrogacy match being made. It also critical that your surrogate be represented by her own attorney with experience in reproductive law who can provide her with independent legal advice regarding the surrogacy process.

Nichols, DeLisle & Lightholder, P.C. will also:

  • Represent you in the Gestational Carrier Agreement with your surrogate
  • Provide legal clearance to your IVF clinic
  • Review your surrogate’s health insurance policy and provide a written legal opinion on coverage
  • Manage the trust account from which your surrogate’s fee and expenses will be paid and provide you with a detailed accounting
  • Prepare and file the necessary paperwork to obtain a pre-birth order (a court order that will declare you to be the legal parent(s) of your child) or coordinate with counsel in the state where the birth will occur

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